The Boathouse was started by Spyros and Diane in 1989 as one of the first fish restaurants on Kamari Beach, at that time there was very little along Kamari Beach and nothing on either side or behind the original Boathouse. Restaurant Patrons walked for about 1/2 an hour along the rocky beach path from the then centre of Kamari (down near the cliff side) for some of the freshest fish on the island (caught by many of Spyros' good friends). Slowly Kamari built up all around and the beach road was put through to The Boathouse. In 1996 the hotel was formed and the Restaurant sold. Since that time The Boathouse added the pool and renovated a few times. Evie and Will "The Kids" are now involved and Evie has made The Blue Moon Bar (The Boathouse's Famous Pool Bar) into the heart of the hotel, with friendly sightseeing advise and world class cocktails, including a daily special invention by Evie! Will can be heard playing the guitar (and sometimes singing) some evenings at The Blue Moon Bar or behind the reception desk ready to help with any guest's needs (or even a brief history lesson on the volcano if you desire). Spyros has built the entire hotel with his own hands (a true labor of love) and does all of the hotel's odd jobs and shopping. Diane does the reception and the bookings (if you email the hotel, Diane is who you will communicate with). Christos runs The Almira Restaurant (The Boathouse's Restaurant) to an award winning level of dining excellence and together with his staff make beach dining an absolute pleasure. Spyros' parents are also involved, if you get up early enough (for sunrise) you can often catch Theoni "Yaya" watering the garden and tidying the grounds. Manoli "Papoose" supplies much of the vegetable produce for The Almira Restaurant along with the mint for Evie's Mojitos from his vegetable/pistachio farm (he also has vineyards which supply The Gaia Winery with the Assyrtiko grape variety - you can sample this at The Blue Moon Bar or The Almira Restaurant). Altogether, along with their numerous "Regulars" (returning customers who come back year after year.....some for 20 years now), they make up The Boathouse Family.